Department of Ophthalmology

In the true tradition of the college, the ophthalmology department has also arisen gradually and progressed rapidly. In the times of the Thomson Medical School the department functioned under the charge of a solitary lecturer and was a part of the Surgery department. In 1942, for the first time of full time post of Professor was created for the Deptt. of Ophthalmology and Prof. R.S. Verma (1942-52) was the first to be appointed. Another post was created in 1949 and was later upgraded to the rank of reader. A number of other tenure posts such as demonstrator, registrar, resident ophthalmologist and two refractionists were also added.
The department is recognized by the Medical Council of India to hold undergraduate and postgraduate training programmes and award degrees of M.S. and D.O.M.S. to the worthy students.

Faculty Name

S.No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification
01 Dr. S.K. Satsangi Professor (Contract) ----
02 Dr. Himanshu Kumar Professor & Head   M.S.(Ophtha)
03 Dr. Snigdha Sen Associate Professor  ----
04 Dr. Krishna Kuldeep Assoc. Professor ( Contract)  
05 Dr. Triputi Nath ¬†Assistant Professor (Contract)  
06 Dr. Shaifali Sharma Majumdar Lecturer  

Major Research Area

Clinical Investigation & Facilities

Training Program

Special Units

01 Glucoma Clinic Dr. B.D. Sharma
02 Eye Bank, Cornea Clinic & Pediatric Ophthalmic unit Dr. D.J. Pandey
03 Squint & Neuroophthalmology clinic Dr. S.K.. Satsangi
04 Oculoplasty Clinic Dr. H.K. Bisht
05 Vitreo-Retina & Uvea Clinic Dr. Neeraj A. Awasthy
06 General Ophthalmic Cataract Unit Dr. Himanshu Yadav
07 Community Ophthalmology Dr. N.V. Singh & Dr. Noorjahan

Achievements Regarding Department

In 1942 a major breakthrough occurred in the progress of the department due to the donation of a set of buildings by a local philanthropist Mathura Dass Padam Chand Jain. This provided a solid foundation based on which further development in terms of increased patient care and educational and research programmes could take place.

The students passing out with degrees of M.S. and D.O.M.S. have played a great role in spreading the fame and reputation of the institute. Most of the alumni of the ophthalmology deptt. have held coveted posts outside and done the department and institution proud by displaying unmatched clinical and academic ability along with a strong dedication and commitment to the profession.

The department has further upgraded under the national plans and additional staff & various equipments have been sanctioned. Presently in the diagnostic field, we are here to serve with a fully equipped set up for glaucoma screening & diagnosis like applanation tonometry, slit lamp biomicroscopy gonioscopy, Automated perimetry & fundus photography for documentation. Angiography is being done routinely for the diagnosis of various retinal problems. YAG-Laser is there to met with the problems of after cataract. In the operative field we carry a continuosly augmented operation theatre with best operating microscopes, phacomemulsification, crytheraphy, oculoplasty, squint, glaumaand pediatric and other various surgery.