Department of Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Our Department came into existence as a separate independent department in 1964. The department of Anaesthesia is located in the main surgical block. About seven operation theaters run each day, emergency services are provided round the clock. The Operation Room are equipped with anaesthesia trollies, Central Pipe lines and multipara monitors etc. A PAC clinic for the anaesthetic check-up of all surgical patients is there in the OPD. Located in new emergency a 8 beded ICU is also under the department of anaesthesia which is equipped with monitors, ventilators, portable X-ray, syringe & infusion pumps and gas analyzer etc.

Faculty Name

S.No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification
01 Dr. Trilok Chand Professor & Head M.D. (Anaesthesiology)
02 Dr. Apoorva Abhinandan Mittal Associate Professor M.D (Anaesthesiology), PDCC (Cardiac Anaesthesia)
03 Dr. Yogita Dwivedi Associate Professor M.D (Anaesthesiology)
04 Dr. Archana Agrawal Associate Professor M.D (Anaesthesia)
05 Dr. Arpita Saxena Assistant Professor MBBS, MD (Anaesthesia & crtical Care)
06 Dr. Amrita Gupta Assistant Professor M.D (Anaesthesia)
07 Dr. Rajeev Puri Assistant Professor M.D (Anaesthesia)
08 Dr. Atiharsh Mohan Assistant Professor MBBS (Gold medalist),MD, PDCC(critical care),EDIC

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