College Facilities
There are three hostels for undergraduate students
And two hostels for post graduates
Each hostel is under administration of the Wardens

Pant Hostel
No. of Rooms 150 Rooms for 300 Students
Dr. Trilok Chand(Warden) 9897477854
Dr. Harendra Kumar (Assistant Warden) -

Senior Boy’s Hostel 2264642
No. of rooms 179 Rooms
Dr. Neeraj Kumar (Warden) 9410406920

Girls Hostel and P.G. Girls Hostel
No. of rooms 119 Rooms for UG & PG Students
Dr. Rajani Bharati (Warden) 9837338565
Dr. Mradul Chaturvedi (Assistant Warden)  

Post Graduate (Men) Hostel
No. of rooms 78 Rooms
Dr. Kamla Pati Mishra (Warden) 9412514487

Cyber Cafe
The college is having internet services with broad band facility in central library building. Each student to require to become member of cyber cafe by paying a nominal fee.

College campus is having college canteen and Nescafe stall for staff and students.

Lecture Theaters