Over the years the alumni of this college have provided leadership not' only in the field of Medical Education, Research and Patient care but also have proved themselves as outstanding administrators and Medical Educationists. The alumni who have the privilege to call this Institution their Alma-mator are proud of this achievement and their Parent Institution. The institute has created a galaxy of senior Professors and teachers of this College who have either retired or have left this Institution during the past few decades. These tesachers are:

Name Departments Year of Retirement
Prof. C.B. Singh Surgery 1952
Prof. K.N. Gour Medicine 1957
Prof. M.G. Chakraborty Biochemistry 1966
Prof. S.P. Srivastava Surgery 1967
Prof. P.N. Wahi Pathology 1968
Dr. H.S. Sharma E.N.T.Surgery 1971
Prof. A.N. Razdan Surgery 1972
Prof. K.S. Mathur Medicine 1972
Prof. N.K. Chowdhary Pharmacology 1972
Prof. B.K. Dubey Medicine 1973
Prof. O.P. Trehon Radiology 1973
Prof. U.K. Luthra Pathology 1972
Prof. KN. Saxena Dermatology 1974
Prof. S.P. Nagrath TB & Chest Diseases 1974
Prof. P. Avasthi Ophthalmology 1977
Prof. M.P. Mehrotra Medicine 1978
Prof. B. Lahiri Pathology 1980
Prof. S.C. Bannerji S.P.M. 1982
Prof. Nawal Kishore Obst. & Gynae. 1982
Prof. R.S. Dayal Paediatrics 1983
Prof. Ramesh Chandra Obst. & Gynae. 1984
Prof Smt. K. Dayal Obst. & Gynae. 1984
 Prof O.N. Vyas Orthopaedics 1984
Prof Smt. Shakuntla Sharma Physiology 1984
Prof. B.L. Gupta Anaesthesiology 1985
Prof. C.D. Gupta Anatomy 1988
Prof. M.C. Srivastava Dentistry 1988
Prof. Y.P.Singh Ophthalmology 1988
Prof. B.D. Sharma Surgery 1988
Prof. Ram Singh Medicine 1989
Prof. V.K. Rohtagi Radiology 1989
Prof. A. N. Malviya Biochemistry  
Dr. H. S. Asopa Surgery  
Dr. I. P. Elehance Surgery 1996
Dr. M. C. Gupta Medicine  
Dr. P. K. Wahal Medicine  
Dr. K. P. Shrivastava Orthopedics